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A Sober Living Environment

Change Recovery House

Clients are required to sign a "Good Neighbor" policy prior to admission.  We work openly with law enforcement agencies; specifically probation and parole, as a safeguard.  Random Urinalysis  drug testing is done on sight as a way to maintain a clean and sober facility.

                                                                                                       GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY


Treatment of Neighbors

Courtesy and respect of our neighbors will be required at all times.

Visual Appearance

The outside appearance and grounds of all Change Recovery House properties will be maintained; i.e., lawns mowed, trees and bushes trimmed, etc.  There will no unsightly items displayed.


Change Recovery House residents will maintain the curfew in effect at our facility. Residents are to be home by :10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday unless proof of outside work hours.  Residents are to be home Friday and Saturday by 2:00 AM.  Residents should not congregate in front of house.

Visitors of Residents

Visitors of residents are only allowed to pick up residents for outside meetings and all visitors must respect our neighbors.  There will be no loud talking, loud car music playing or profanity allowed on Change Recovery House property.  Any visitor violating this policy will be asked to leave.

Noise Control

Residents are required to be quiet and courteous at all times.  Residents will keep radios, stereos and TV at a minimal volume level such as not to disturb neighbors.  There will be no yelling, loud talking or use of profanity on Change Recovery House property.  All residents radios and stereo equipment may be confiscated if this is not adhered to.

Controlled Access and Parking 

Residents are prohibited from trespassing upon neighborhood properties.  The few residents who have cars and visitors will be required to park in legal designated areas.  Residents are only allowed to park vehicles in good working order.  There is no parking permitted at all on the front yard area.

Neighborhood Alert

Residents are to take an active  role in the neighborhood watch programs, if applicable, and report any unusual activities to the House Manager who will in turn log the incident and notify the Director of Operations of any concern.

Complaints and Problems

Any and all complaints from neighbors will be responded to within 24 hours by the House Manager an/or the Director of Operations.  Neighbors will be given telephone numbers needed to contact the House Manager and Director of Operations


Residents and Staff Behavior

It is not only and expectation, but it is required that all residents and staff conduct themselves in such a way as to gain the respect of our neighbors at all times.

Neighbor Visitation

Any neighbor interested, is invited to visit Change Recovery House with a staff member by contacting the House Manager or Director op Operations.

Policy Awareness

Any resident or staff found to be in noncompliance of the above policy may be terminanted.